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All about wearable stuff

6 reasons to wear my earrings:​

you won’t suffer: very light weight thanks to the use of textile, paper and leather.

you will feel special: only one pair like this in the whole world; unique pieces with unique drawings handmade with love in Brussels

you won’t feel annoyed when they brake: you will be able to solve the problem yourself (a bit of glue will do).

you won’t feel guilty: these jewellery pieces don’t harm human beings, animals or nature. 

you will please yourself and others thanks to the low price

you will have a good excuse not to confront bad weather: walking in rain is not recommended while wearing them. 


I’m a jewellery designer and I don’t like metal. I love to play with materials such as plastics, textile, paper, leather, found objects etc. Tear them, burn them, distort them and see what happens. I think of ideas, elaborate sketches and make temporary compositions, but I don’t like to make a definitive piece. 

So, I wear prototypes and sketches. 

I love to make last-minute pieces assembling whatever I find depending on what I’m wearing or what I reflect on that day. I like to be able to wear a piece and transform it again the next day, not getting attached. Making ephemeral items is a good excuse for someone who keeps losing everything. 

I love earrings and the way they play, dance or swing on your ears. I see them as little people with different characters that can be moody, scared, confused or happy. They can be lovers or friends. They make people smile and communicate together. 


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