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All about Edible stuff

It all started one night. 

I had opened a restaurant in a little house. 

Four or five tables and some candle light.

I was serving necklaces on a plate. 

A very beautiful, poetic and strong dream. 

I woke up the next day knowing that’s what I would do; cook jewellery and eat them.


In the following weeks and years I used the kitchen as a lab, creating a substance for my jewellery, making different textures and structures out of vegetables, herbs, cereals, fish, meat, etc inspired by things I came across (walls, stones, shells, trees, different surfaces). Once some of the techniques were under control I started working on the taste, combining all the try-outs and creating a dish that could be eaten. Food that tasted delicious. 


When I cook my piece, I always keep the thought of jewellery. What is jewellery? What is its significance? What can it be? Do you wear it? Can you eat it? I transform the food just enough so it wouldn’t be recognised as food at first sight, creating tension, stimulating curiosity. But I keep very pure tastes with daily and seasonal ingredients. 


When seeing a piece of jewellery, you start questioning yourself: What is it? What do I see? What is it made of? Coming closer you start recognising some ingredients and suddenly the smell of fish or ginger kicks in and disturbs even more. I like to confuse our brain by using colours that don’t match expectations, shapes that don’t match tastes etc.

Then comes the moment when you realise everything can be eaten. Nothing can be kept. It is a difficult step to make but a good way to enjoy ephemeral creations that you can put in your body. Once all the senses are stimulated, it is time to enjoy the moment, the here and now, allowing to transform the food jewel into energy. 

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